Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Different Kind of Baby

Alright, everyone, I've talked about some cute stuff for babies before. But those were for human babies! And human babies are chumps. Now, if you were looking for something for a Klingon baby, well, that's pretty hardcore. And there are some pretty hardcore baby items available for a baby like that. Check it out:
The baby cradle--although I would have assumed Klingons just leave their babies on rocks or something, to toughen them up.
A baby walker.

A rocking horse--which is probably my favorite. It looks wickedly evil.And finally a rattle toy.

Now these, of course, aren't really available on the market, because you know if they were some crazy Trekkie parents would go and buy these for their kid (wait--are Trekkies allowed to mate? What's that? Only every seven years? Alright then). These are part of an art gallery show by Shi Jinsong. Well duh! Do you know how fast those things would be covered with fingerprints if they were real? I mean, come on. Stay tuned!


jaqque said...

When I first saw these, I thought they were perfect for Cenobite babies. They are way too harsh for Klingons.

TrekKim said...

Actually, if you follow Kirk's example, you'd get to mate a whole lot more often ...

coffin rock said...

those are incredible !!!