Sunday, December 14, 2008

Felt is awesome

I love felt. You don't have to hem it and it doesn't fray or anything. And people make really cool stuff out of it! We make all of our clothes for our dudes out of it. But some people, more talented people, are able to make cute little stuffies out of it. Here are just a couple that I absolutely adored.
A little dragon! And he's totally poseable. I love his little head, with the little horns. This one is made by Craftster user Id, and there are a ton more pictures here. I really hope that a pattern is made available for this little dude, because even though my fingers would probably explode while trying to sew something this tiny, I would totally try and make him.

My new favorite word (even though I'm wary of most portmanteaus) is feltidermy. How cute is this little guy? But it's so creepy at the same time! I'm pretty sure this trend was started by girlsavage over at etsy, who has made some amazing little feltidermy creatures. I love little Nessie here, but she's also made unicorns, narwhals and jackalopes and I'm pretty sure I saw a t-rex over there too. Awesome! And for some holiday cheer, here's a last picture:
Hi Rudolph!

So I've been really busy playing Assassin's Creed. It's pretty repetitive, but I love running across the rooftops and throwing my knives at guards when they yell at me. Also, I like riding the horses around, except everyone always attacks me when I'm on my horse! Jerks. Anyway, only 11 more days until X-mas! Watch out for Robot Santa. Stay tuned!


Deeners said...

Just because ever since I saw this post I have been stalking the designer of the felt dragon, I thought I would inform you that she is now selling that pattern in her Etsy store. LynneDhenson. I know the store is empty right now, it could be because someone leaving this message may or may not have bought the pattern for herself. But she is good about reposting it pretty frequently, I know this because I also may have been stalking her store.

I do apologize for enabling. But I figure it is only fair since you brought it to my attention in the first place :)

Geek Central Station said...

I know! I already bought the pattern and I'm in the process of working on it! I haven't really made any plush animals before, though, so it's kind of difficult for me, but he's going to be sooo cute once I get him done! Thanks for the heads up though, I will definitely be keeping an eye on her etsy to see if she ever puts up new patterns!