Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another custom order

We've been so busy in the last couple of days! There are still a couple of more custom orders to fill, but I wanted to show everyone the newest amigurumi. His name is Jack Krauser, and he is from the video game Resident Evil 4. Now, I'll just confess right here, I've never played RE4 even though it was supposed to be one of the only good games for the Gamecube (besides Melee, of course). I don't like horror games, or suspense games. I think it stems from a time long ago...let me tell you about it. And then pictures, I swear! Or you could just skip this part.

Dark Forces had just come out for the PC, and I was playing it nonstop. I was relatively young when this came out (maybe 12?) and I would spend all night playing it. One night, when I was playing, I fell into the water and there was a creature in the water that tried to eat me but I couldn't see it when I fell in the water and you couldn't see it from above the water swimming around and it was dark and the water was dark and it was big and I was scared. It scared me so badly that I can't swim in any video games ever and I hate things that pop up out of nowhere and scare me. There. That's my traumatic story.

Oh yeah, here are some pictures. Resident Evil 4. Jack Krauser. Here ya go.
Can you see the scar? He has a little scar over his left eye. It's light, but you can see it better in person.
His belt was super hard to make. Of course, sewing through leather is always going to be tough but this one was a doozy. I am so happy with how his beret turned out, I was really worried that the shaping wouldn't be right but we punched it and pinched it until it came out perfectly. It even has a little pin that is removable. His little grenades unclip too, and his dagger can be taken off his hand. I love versatility! More pics on my flickr as always.

Anyway, stick around. I made a spice weasel and I'm planning on putting the pattern up here later, but I might not get to it until tomorrow. He's super cute! Plus, he's actually functional--not for spice, of course (although I am making one that will be!) but for something else--I'm not going to spoil it.

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