Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hello everyone! It's been kind of quiet around here lately, but we've been working really hard over here. Although the quietness may have had something to do with the Indiana Jones marathon day yesterday on USA (why did they show them in reverse order?) even though we JUST WATCHED THEM last week, but I swear we really were working.

We've been working on a couple of custom orders, as well as some requests for older stuff, and no one wants to see that here. I do have a present for you though--some teaser pics! These are WAY harder than the last one.

HA! I bet you can't guess this time! They're not even finished yet! (Don't tell the boy, he would probably be mad that I posted some of his unfinished work). And Captain Mal is ready! But I'm not sure I'm going to post him until the whole crew is done. You guys won't be mad, right? It is going to be such an awesome picture of them all together.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great mother's day. The weather down here turned really nice today (it was 90 yesterday--ick!) and stay tuned for more news!

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot! I wanted to say that later this week (hopefully) I am going to be introducing a new line into my etsy store called "Geeky Green Home Supplies". And no, I didn't just make that up off the top of my head. :::sweats:::: Anyway, I wanted to introduce some stuff that every home needs to have, with the added benefit of being green (as in save the world green, not Kermit green...although...). Oh yeah, and of course they are going to be totally geeky. Look out for them!

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Spitting Image said...

I just happened upon your chewbacca when I was procrastinating working on my etsy shop. It so so awesome- I had to yell about it on my blog.