Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

We finished a custom order! (Finally, this one took almost a month to complete). It's a Ghostbuster! We were going to make Venkman, but we couldn't fit his name on the name tag so we just went with generic Ghostbuster dude.
Looks pretty plain from the front right? Well check this out!
He has so much gear on the back of him! The proton pack is the biggest backpack in the middle--it has bunches of wires and tons of little safety warnings on it. It connect with a hose to the proton gun (on the top right), which hooks on the backpack and can come off, so that the little guy can hold it.

And then on the bottom right we have the ghost trap, which connects on the left side to the little foot pedal, and the two on these both connect to the backpack.

Oh yeah, and the whole backpack shenanigans can all be removed. He's a little backwards heavy, but he can still stand up.
Look at the little detail patch! And the black thing are the elbow pads. He also has a walky-talky, but we didn't get a picture of it--it detaches from the belt too.

I'm so proud of him! It took a lot of work, but he ended up being really cute. I'm working on another custom order right now, and I won't tell you what it is but I think he's going to be SWEET! He's going to change costumes and's going to be really cool. I'll keep you guys updated!


Shazkin said...

You make me happier than a child getting everything they wanted for Christmas O.O never has geekism been SO COOL XD

Anonymous said...

Once again, I've gotta say that you exceeded my expectations. SO AMAZING! ( This is Rae, btw) ^_^