Saturday, May 31, 2008

Funny thing happened on the way to the internet

Ha ha, I was doing research for a custom object and I stumbled across this picture:
I couldn't stop laughing for a good 10 minutes. The dog's expression is priceless. I like how the cartoonist felt the need to show you that Cobra Commander was evil, so incredibly evil, by having him kick a puppy. The physics of this picture are a bit wacky, too, I can't tell if he has already kicked the dog, or is getting ready to--I just don't know.

NOTE: I realized after posting this that I may be seen as someone advocating animal abuse. I in no way condone animal abuse, or have any tolerance for people who hurt animals. I think they should be locked up forever, like Michael Vick or anyone else who hurts animals or forces them to fight for their own selfish amusement. Just in case you were wondering.


John said...

Reading between the lines, I look forward to seeing your Cobra Commander

Anonymous said...

that is a funny picture. you should make G.I. Joe amigurumis, in honor of the new movie. I would so totally love the cobra commander (as long as he wore the mask and not his dumb helmet, that thing looked horrible)

BTW in no way do I imply that kicking dogs (to get your kicks. JK) is a good thing to do. It is horrible and cruel. The picture is funny because of it's not realness.

Artemisio said...

he's not just kicking him... he's kicking the poor puppy in the balls! look at the impact point XD ahah, priceless!