Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Christmas stuff

Alright everyone, another post about Christmas crafts and the like. Here's another present I got from my sister:
So cute! The inside is made with recycled bags from target, and it is seriously really big inside. You can fit a ton of groceries in there. Here's a shot of the back:
Ha ha, cute!

And here's a present we made for my boyfriend's mom:
I know, I know, you probably can't tell who it is, but he's supposed to be Bon Jovi. See? He has a loaded six string.
Yeah, it's a revolved on the back of the guitar. I know, it's really weird and nerdy, but apparently she loved it and my boyfriend thought it was hilarious so there you go.

Anyway, that's it for Christmas presents! Have a safe New Year's everyone!


Heather - - said...

Yay for Futurama craftiness! I love the concept of using plastic bags as a liner - clever!

JoviPunch! Full Recovery!

Lolly said...

I love your little figures. And I love Jon Bon Jovi. This is Epic!