Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scarf Hero

Once again, I curse this stupid Texas weather! It's February, when people are knitting ridiculously cute smittens or blankets or sweaters (not like I have the patience to do any of those things, but still! Options are nice and it is 75 degrees in my apartment right now!) Anyway, the point is that this scarf is awesome but there is only about a 2 week window in Texas in which I can wear it which I probably wouldn't do anyway because I'm not cool enough to pull it off. Anyway, enough rambling, look at pretty picture!
That's right, it's a Guitar Hero scarf! You can read more details from the woman who made it on Craftster. Suffice to say, though, it's made out of crochet and then each of the lines were painstakingly hand sewed on, as well as all of the little button presses. She used a chart (from the Muse song "Knights of Cydonia") to know where to put all of the little buttons. I think it's ingenious. Very cool. Or in this weather, very hot. Stay tuned, we have a new dude done! Pictures coming within the next day or so. Stay tuned!


rachel said...

Could you do a criminal mastermind cat?

Geek Central Station said...

@rachel: I'll do better than that. Give me a couple of days.

rachel said...

OOOH! I'm intrigued!!!