Monday, February 9, 2009

A wampa that won't eat your arm

Well, hopefully. I made these for someone at work (she's not pregnant yet, but I wanted to get started early on adorable baby stuff). I used this pattern for the feet and I winged the hat--which was a pain. First I made it too small and I had to make another one, and then the brim wasn't large enough, and the yarn was a pain to rip out. But anyway, I finished it and it is so cute and soft and I wanted to share!
I just put the eyes and teeth in for the picture, because obviously the eyes would have been poking the baby's head, and I thought it would be cuter without the teeth looking like they were eating the baby's head. I think the monster booties are my favorite. You would not believe how soft the yarn is!

Anyway, that's it for now. We're working on a really exciting custom order, hopefully it will be done soon (if I can ever get over this stupid cold). Stay tuned!


Kizmo said...

OMG!! I love it so much :)

Anonymous said...
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