Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tree of Gondor Blanket

I need this blanket. Anyone have many, many hours of nothing to do, lots of patience and the ability to knit well? Cause if you can, I want this:
It's a Tree of Gondor throw! I love the leaves around the blanket! And the runes! And the tree! I want everything on it. I even love the color. White would be cool too, but I bet it would be very hard to see. Anyway, this blanket was made by ravelry user lilaclinny as a wedding present for her brother and sister-in-law. How lucky are they?! What an awesome present. The runes say "True Love"--I would probably want to change mine to "Kick Ass" or something along those lines--but I get the sentiment behind it.

If anyone is adventurous enough to try this, there isn't really a pattern, just this tree chart made by dragoncrafter. The runes look like knit/purl variations and I'm sure there's a nice leafy stitch in some stitch books for the edges. Unfortunately there aren't any really good closeup pictures of the rest of the squares, but maybe if I ever feel like taking on such a huge project I will give this a try.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Stay tuned!


Amanda said...

Oh you are right that is gorgeous!

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I will buy one... I saw that kind of blanket in the market, they are cheap and also we can play Quija on the carpet... I think would be nice if you play with us. Anyway, I like the color and the size too, isn't bad enough.