Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There are some crazy stitches up in here

Hey everybody! I know everybody is probably wondering when our next new dude will be up, and all I can say is: soon. We've been kind of burned out on them, so it's been hard to get motivated to make any new characters. But there is a new dude coming soon, so please don't give up on us yet!

Anyway, for the time being, I came across these awesome cross stitch samplers from around the net. If I ever had the patience for doing cross stitch (hello, my many half-finished cross stitch projects) I would totally take these on. If you guys are inspired to do your own, there is this really cool site that turns pictures into cross stitch patterns for you! So now there's no excuse for not immortalizing your favorite picture of a cat with a lemon on its head (one of my many half-finished projects) with cross stitch. Enjoy!
Um, how awesome is this? Not only is it Firefly related, it's also Oregon Trail related. Seemingly random, and yet they work out so well together. This was made by craftster user SkyyAngel and she has graciously posted her instructions here, if anyone wants to make their own. And why wouldn't you? It's awesome.
And of course a Star Wars related sampler. Need I explain why I love this one? I think my favorite part is the two blasters at the bottom with the heart in the middle. You can find more details here.
Aww, best friends forever. You know, except for the burning part. You were rather quick to kill the companion cube, as GLaDOS does not hesitate to remind you. I like the little hearts all over. This one also has a pattern and is available at the creator's website here.

Anyway, I just thought these were all so cute and I had to share! Hopefully I'll get out of my slump soon and start working on characters a little more. Stay tuned!


Nerd Goddess said...

Ah, I love to cross-stitch. There's a woman who does the most incredible fantasy patterns. You can find them here:

ninjahq said...

That pattern making site is fantastic! Thank you! I will be using that for making designs to use with perler beads!

Mrs. Thallium said...

This... is easily the most awesome blog evar!