Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The shirt off my back--redux

Hey guys! Remember this post, where I posted some of my favorite shirts? Well we finally got around to actually making some of them. We used the freezer paper technique (found here, if anyone is interested) and it was super easy and everything actually came together pretty fast.

If you guys are interested in making your own shirts, you can follow the above tutorial and use these stencils, which have all of the bridges and everything already cut out--all you have to do is print and cut out the black parts. Click here for the Blue Sun stencil, and click here for the Planet Express stencil.

Now, if anyone out there is looking for some free EPS vector versions, check it out! Click here for the Blue Sun vector art, click here for the Planet Express logo vector, or click here for the Hylian crest vector art. My boyfriend assure me these are very cool, so I hope you guys like them.

And moving right ahead! Here are the finished products:

Alright, first off, here's the Blue Sun shirt. I wanted it to look all splotchy and weathered (although it's not really as noticeable as in this pic, for some reason the light made it look kind of funny here).

And the Planet Express logo! This one was a little more difficult, because of all the letters, but I liked the way it turned out. We were split on whether or not to make the stencil in different colors, but we ended up just doing one (in blue, my favorite color, of course) and I like the way it turned out. The paint also has a little sparkle in it too, which is awesome. We also left the stencil lines in the letters to give it a more hand-printed stencily look. That's right--stencily.

And finally, the Zelda shirt. My boyfriend made this one for himself, and he made it all stony looking and old. Here's a (slightly) better pic:

He used a couple of different colors all mixed together to give it a stony effect, and it turned out looking really neat. This one's a little sparkly too, but not too noticeable.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share with you guys, and encourage everyone else to try it too. They were so easy and fun to make! And you can do almost any picture you want--I'm thinking of a couple more, maybe a Portal shirt (one of these icons probably) or an Arrested Development shirt--either a Family Band Solution shirt, a Gobias Indsutries shirt (as in "go buy us" a cup of coffee) or a Motherboy shirt. I wouldn't use these exact images, but they are all really cute ideas.

Let me know what you guys think, and spread the geek love through fabulous clothing (while still wearing jeans and a tshirt!) Stay tuned everyone!


Lolly said...

That is made of win! I'll have to try that. :D

Lindsey said...

Simply amazing! I vote for the Motherboy t-shirt first, although I think that all of the shirts should be made at some point. R.I.P. Arrested Development.

smallsmallfaery said...

Wow, you are very talented!

Mcknz823 said...

What kind of fabric paint did you use? Did you make you own stencil?

Geek Central Station said...

We just used acrylic paint with some fabric medium mixed in. We did make our own stencils--you can find the links to them above. Basically my boyfriend created the images in photoshop and then printed them out, which we then cut to make the stencils. Time consuming, maybe, but worth it.