Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy Cute Cozy

This is so cool--a toilet paper cozy. I bet you guys never realized that you needed a toilet paper needed a cozy, huh? Well, after you see this you'll change your mind. This was made by craftster user jancola for the Craftster "Cozies WITH Irony" challenge. There are actually some really cool entries there, I like the ice cube cozies myself, it's just too hilarious. Anyway, take a look!
It looks like a little statue, doesn't it? It would be pretty cool to have just on it's own. But it gets cooler.
The little piranha plant is removable! So you can just have the plain pipe by itself if you want. Here are the logistics of how it fits over the toilet paper:
So this thing is cute, it has removable parts, and it's functional--it can't get any better than that. I love it. Stay tuned for more cool stuff everyone!


sunnie_fairy said...

you're kidding me! that is way to cool and cute!
and I have to admit, kind of weird. :]

Anonymous said...

I want one. That is so cool and FUNCTIONAL!