Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess what today is!

That's right, it's Limerick Day! Which means you can go around reciting naughty limericks and no one can stop you. That's what it means, right? If it's not, then I'm probably fired. Anyway, I found some really funny limericks, thought I would share them here. Some of them aren't quite right (I'm really obsessive about the right number of syllables in a line, and some of these are a little off) but they're still pretty funny.

First, a Star Wars one.

The fourth Star Wars movie came first
And it led to a decades long thirst
For starships and lasers
And photons and phasers
Its influence wasn't the worst

The second one wasn't half bad
Though the freezing of Solo was sad
But the biggest plot twist
Wasn't Luke's cut-off wrist
It was Vader as Skywalker's dad

The third movie sold lots of toys
Fuzzy Ewoks the stature of boys
Luke's regretting that kiss
Now that Leia's his sis
And Han Solo is sharing her joys

And some Lord of the Rings limericks.

The Elves rescued Frodo, hooray!
But then sent him into the fray,
"Poor Middle Earth's stuffed
and we've had enough
we're all nicking off, anyway!"

When Gandalf fell down to the pit
the audience thought that was it
but he'll be all right
and come back in white
the sequel is already writ!

Yay! Feel free to leave a naughty limerick in the comments section. Stay tuned!

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