Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hi everybody, sorry I haven't had any new things to post for a while, we've been kind of busy working on custom orders. Two of those orders are new characters though, so as soon as they're done we'll have some new pictures for you! It's hard work trying to keep our shop full (yeah right, like that's going to happen) and work on our custom orders at the same time and fit time to watch Voyager everyday (just kidding). Anyway, even though they are not exactly new I though I would share more Firefly pics!
Like little Kaylee. We got her the little umbrella at Target; I know, I know, it's not the right color or design, but I think it's the general effect that's more important. I like her little flower on her belt, too. The pink felt underneath is supposed to be her shirt, but I think if I make another Kaylee I will make her whole upper body in the same yarn as her arms, so it's all variegated and colorful.

And here's Simon--I thought he was going to be really boring, but I think he's actually pretty cute. I like his jacket and his little faux-collar underneath his vest. He even has a chain for his pocket watch.
I was going to make him his red doctor's bag, too, and I never got around to it, because I was too excited to have the whole crew done. One day, I promise, I will make it for him, since he doesn't have much in the way of accessories. We were also thinking about making his red glasses from the first episode, but they creep me out for some reason.

Anyway, we should have a new character to show you by the weekend, if everything goes as planned, so stay tuned!

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Joy said...

My sister left me a link to your Firefly Chracters on Craftster and I think they are just WONDERFUL! :) These are so cool and they have just made my day!