Sunday, February 14, 2010


Check out this awesome Big Daddy! For being made entirely out of crochet, it is incredibly detailed. Full disclosure here: I've never played Bioshock. I tried to play it, but I couldn't get over the first person view (I hate first person games) and how scary it was. Call me girly, but I like games that are bright and pretty. Like Assassin's Creed. It was bright and I loved climbing all over the buildings and jumping on people and stabbing them in the neck. That's also why I couldn't get behind Fallout 3 either, it was too gray. Alright, enough rambling, back to the craft!

I love the little drill. It's amazing that you can get that kind of effect with different crochet techniques!

The best part about this is the creator put up the pattern for free! So go and create a crochet army! Stay tuned!

And Happy Valentine's Day!


Heather - said...

Wow, so cool! Now I'm gonna go check out Assassin's Creed.

Jelibe said...

That is so cool, my bf is playing that right now! he's got bioshock 2 waiting in the wings.

technabob said...

Most excellent. Have to give you guys a link back for this one!