Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just sleep on it

Check out this neato bed!
Oh yeah, that's a bed. A freaking awesome bed! It's a Y-Wing, complete with laser marks on the hull. It looks like it crashed landed in the (world's most spoiled kid's) bed room. Yeah, someone actually gets to sleep there. How awesome is that?

A view from the bed. Don't know what the joystick does, I assume it's just to get to school a little faster in the morning if you sleep in.From underneath/
So unless you are a master carpenter, it looks like you would be out of luck to get this in your own home. However, do not fear, nerds! There is a place out there for all of your Star Trek needs, at least. I know, I know, it's not nearly as cool as Star Wars, but I guess it's cool that there is a big enough market for Star Trek design that someone created a company to address those specific needs. Star Wars fans, we'll have to just pine and wait. Until then, stay tuned!


Tia said...

you can't buy it but he gives some ideas. at least the site is still up.

biologie said...

That's INSANE. Love it.