Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm not dead, I swear!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you--I'm not dead. Just lazy. Or maybe I should say I'm just uninspired. I'm just not as excited about our little dudes as I used to be, and my sculpey-maker boyfriend is even less so, which has been leading to some very unproductive weeks. So we have both decided that it was time to close our etsy shop. Now, this doesn't mean that we will stop making them altogether--we're just unable to create the volume that is needed to run a store.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this means that I can concentrate on making patterns for more characters (the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars patterns are still, and will continue to be, available), so if anyone has any suggestions, or really wants to know how we do something, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll see if I can't work something out.

So since we haven't been working on our dudes, wanna see what we have been working on? It's a little different and not our usual geeky fare, but I thought I'd see what everyone thinks about it.

Presenting: A portrait of Fernando de la Ronda, the Prince of Isla de los Estados. His marriage to Elizabeth of the Byrd family was arranged by Elizabeth's brother, King Arthur IV. The King arranged this marriage to establish a fishing treaty between the King penguins and the Macaroni penguins. Elizabeth detested this match, and historians believe that her dislike stemmed from multiple reasons, one being that the match was forced on her while she was in love with another penguin of her own species, while other historians argue that she could not respect or love a husband who was a good foot shorter than her. Fernando was oblivious to her dislike, however, and they had three children: Eduardo, Isabella and Fermina. Curiously, Isabella was born without the yellow feathers that Macaroni penguins are known for and that adorned the heads of her brother and sister, however, this was attributed to the fact that King and Macaroni penguin breeding genetics were not fully understood and not to any rumors that were circulating at the time about Elizabeth. Fernando lived a wholly oblivious and happy life with his family in his home town of Isla de los Estados.

Do you guys like? I think the portrait is just adorable. I made up a whole family tree for the rulers of Byrd, it's just a blast writing these little histories for everyone. Anyway, let me know what you guys think! And stay tuned, more stuff on the way!


Kiba said...

I would love patterns for the Firefly dudes.

DrFaulken said...

I am sad to hear that you are closing up your Etsy shop, but I understand. I am still amazed when I look at the level of detail and construction of my two Gandalfs. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into each one. I can't imagine the pressure of doing them one after another to fulfill orders.

I think the painting is cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Woot - stern, yet kawaii. Nicely done penguin. ^_^ With a fab backstory, no less.

Leland said...

Oh no! I was going to have you make me a figure!

That's totally ok though, I understand. I was thinking of opening an etsy shop, but realized quickly that I didn't have the ambition to make enough for a business.

I'm liking the painting though! Would love to see some more!

Sherezada said...

I'm sorry to hear you're closing up shop, but I totally understand. You and your partner have made some *amazing* work, but I'm sure it's taken up so much of your time. I'm eager to see more of your Byrd portraits, though! It's good to see you moving forward creatively!